To still the envious flood

Peterson Gallery

“I find the work curiously detached.” Michael goes over towards the next peice, scrutinises it, as the agent hovers close by. “I think not, on balance, whilst I suspect it may appreciate in value, I’d rather not have to look at it each day.” Or night for that matter, its only marginally less moribund than the rogues gallery of august ancestors he’d grown up with.

He notices that Concord, or at least some of them, have also been in the gallery. He wonders how many other kindred are trying to work out who had set up Hardcastle. From what little he has heard of Ms Ashbridge, he suspects she would not have intentionally caused Konrad a loss of face in her plan.

Of course, Konrad had wanted to work out if he was being attacked, and so tasked the group with looking into this. Which had an unfortunate consequence of making it look like Concord were now covering their tracks. The interesting question was whether the unknown plotter had also worked this out. That would helpfully narrow the field of play.

As he exited the gallery, he stopped to exchange some pleasentries with Ms Ashbridge and the Lasombra Ms Van Den Berg. These suffice to clear that they are genuniely in the dark as to the culprit, but that they have identified that the artists may have been dominated. Intrigued he summons the agent, and confirms the same has happened here.

He shares this with Concord before moving into the night, suddenly he has work to do.

To still the envious flood

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