The Battle Hymn of the Republic

1858 – Boston

Julia ward howes diary

1870 – Boston

So my sister continues to be a useful cover. Just as well she could deal with the onerous duties of my husband. I swear I saw John today and my dearest …

1910 – Europe

I enjoy my freedom – having seen the old world I am glad that Noah grants me this freedom. I see our ways are not their ways….

1925 – St Louis

Perhaps dear Noah was not as he pretended. I suspected that he had not told me all. The Detective was a good man. Perhaps I said too much, but I did fear so sorry for his plight. Oh I do wonder…

1940 – Boston

I believe that Johannes is correct, the Sabbat grow stronger and prepare to attack. I have talked with dear Michael, I do wonder if kindred suffer from teenage crushes? Michael does have a way about him.

1955 – New York

Declan is indiscrete – still a dear friend – perhaps there is something too hasty in our loss of my dear city.

1960 – Chicago

They are all in danger – I must look into this.We fell too quickly,

1980 – Boston

We have returned – and as I suspected my John never left the city. I wonder if he ever realised my song was thinking of him. However – he takes on so much danger. Noah looks more alive – and does not cease to throw himself into danger. I wonder if he has returned to this city because of me.

1990 – Boston

I know John is in danger. Talking to Michael he has an idea – bless him. I will go to meet John this evening. I fear Michael is wrong.

1991 – Boston

Banished – Gaveston only does this to stop me from being near my darling Johannes. He knows he is the weaker one and Johannes will prevail in time. At least my banishment is only till Gaveston dies and then Johanes and myself will be as one. I’m sure I meant to tell him something

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

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