Opportunity wastes not time for the prepared

His Seneschal enters the room, stepping over the eviscerated ghoul who’s blood was seeping into the rug. With a slight raise of his eyebrow “I see we’ll be recruiting another librarian. What did this one do wrong?”

The Prince of Phoenix looks towards the empty fire grate, “At least his vitae was marginally acceptable, even if the cumberworld’s research was poor. He failed to identify that a recent acquisition was a fake copy.”

The Seneschal is smart enough to keep his own thought that the issue may well be that none of the librarians was his sister, rather than any fault of their own. “I assume you have already requested Simpkins to make the relevant arrangements?” a slight nod is his only response. “I have taken care of the issue on the west side. The anarch operation was closed permanently. Local police are reporting that a meth lab caught fire. The anarchs themselves believe the Tremere took this action in revenge for the recent incidents in Boston. It is likely given the death of his mortal lover that Landon will respond in kind.”

“Good. That should have the Skelpie-Limmer’s attention, I intend to force them to grow more desperate until the Primogen practically beg me to take permanent action against them. Then I can run the Brujah out of town for good. “ He strokes his trimmed beard before continuing “No further action for the minute. Continue to pressurise Landon’s operations through mortal means. Ensure that credit and information is released to the junior district attorney and through the captain of the 13th Precinct. “ his subordinate nodded.

“Sire, I can see that this will make it appear that the Tremere are behind this – but do we not risk that we give them two powerful pawns?”

“True – but only for as long as Landon fails to strike back through them. Besides, our own pawns will seek to protect their own position and can be relied upon to clip their wings in time.” He rests his glass by the table and turns to his favoured childe. “Speaking of ungrateful wretches, what other news of her? By any chance has Boston fouled something else up we can take advantage of?”

“A conclave has been called, Clan Brujah had initially called for this to examine why the campaign to retake New England has stalled. It seems the more recent implosion in the city has focussed the attention of the inner circle. They are despatching the Justicars of clan Brujah and Toreador to preside over this. “

“Then perhaps it is time that I paid a visit to my wayward charge. Make the arrangements – it will be convenient that whilst I am away we add fuel to the fire of Landon’s rage. Have Jeremiah monitor one of the minor Tremere, the one connected to the southside gangs. If Landon hasn’t made a move by the time of the conclave, make one for him – release his whereabouts to the Anarchs through our plant.”

Opportunity wastes not time for the prepared

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