Claws for Thought

Imaad looked at Eleanor and smiled, ‘at least someone in your family comes when they’re called’, Eleanor looked confused, ‘I called out Lucas, told him to fight me and prove he was worthy of your blood, apparently he isn’t’. Eleanor grimaced, ’I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities, I think he ran away because he was expecting something to happen and it didn’t’. Imaad nodded.

He wasn’t surprised Lucas had run away luck had certainly favoured the bold that evening.

The badly disguised Tzmische had fooled no one and Eleanor’s summoning of multiple tentacles had forced the rest of the pack to reveal their positions, he had managed to pick up the position of one them by the sound of him chopping up one of the tentacles. The man was some sort of South American but his technique revealed similarities to Imaad’s own and he bore a tattoo of the Black Hand; a member of my clan who had joined the Sabbat, I must inform Uncle Mohammed.

Clan Brother or no he has joined the wrong side. Fortunately he is as yet unaware of my presence; I force blood around my body increasing my resistance to damage and making myself supernaturally fast. I raise my sword and decapitate him with one blow. As he falls to dust I see two more Sabbat who have realised I’m there. As I turn to face them, I’m aware of gunfire off to the right. I assume this to be Eleanor, Gwendolyn and the ex-Royal Marine whose card had sent to this place, Ralph Tranter.

No time to investigate now though as one of the Sabbat who I recognise as Eleanor’s child Lucas decides to empty his Uzi into me. I shrug most of the bullets off so only two penetrate. Once again I flow blood around my body forcing out the bullets and increasing my co-ordination; just in time for the other Sabbat, a Gangrel , is on me, claws bared.

This one shares my supernatural speed, not usually a power possessed by their clan which is a good thing for combined with his claws it makes this one exceptionally dangerous.

He goes for a two handed strike trying to rip me apart but I am too quick for him and easily get my sword in the way. The powerful attack has left him open and I reverse my sword trying to thrust it through his chest like a stake but he is closer than I thought and the angle is tight so it just bounces off.

We continue to duel, I bloke all his blows and although I do get a few hits in he ignores them due to his frenzy. Seeking to end the fight so that I can help the others I push more blood into increasing my strength and once again he over extends himself going for a big hit, this time instead of trying to stake him I too opt for power bringing my sword down in a sweeping arc and cutting him in half, the look on his face changes to one of surprise in the millisecond before he collapses in dust.

I call on Lucas to fight me but he turns tail pausing only to set fire to a pool of oil to cover his escape. So instead I run over to where Eleanor, Gwendolyn and Ralph Tranter are just in time to see Eleanor finishing off the Tzmische.

Eleanor calls to him, ‘Imaad, Imaad’, he snaps back to the present, ‘Imaad, are you ok? You seemed to zone out there’, sorry I was thinking about the fight against the Gangrel, Eleanor kissed him, ‘you were magnificent’, Imaad smiled, thank you, now what about me and the Gangrel?…’

Claws for Thought

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