“Silas phoned: Come to the bar and bring Scruff.” Read the message that Maddy had taken at the Crown for her during one evening whilst Gwendolyn hadn’t been there. If she was being totally honest she really wasn’t so sure if taking Lestrade into Silas’ bar would be a good idea after last time. It took ages for the dog to come around after the cruel conversation that the Primogen had with the dog, even worse was the fact she wouldn’t have had Lestrade castrated any way, it simply wasn’t something her family had done with the family hounds and she saw no reason to change her views. Still it was a request from a Primogen and not Flood so she saw no reason to make an excuse but instead turned up a couple of hours later at his bar.

The bar was busy but like her own bar it wasn’t as busy due to the increasing sunlight hours, in a way it was short sighted of many kindred to have bars and clubs without decent outside areas whilst feeding would be still hard, it would make the bar profitable. A thought she tucked away for future planning, a second place she had been considering for a while. Silas was watching one of the televisions dotted around the place at his usual seat at the back of the bar when she arrived, but glanced up the moment she approached his table. “Evening Gwendolyn” His voice was reasonably cheerful, glancing at the screen as she replied she answered the score was in flavour of his team, “Good evening Silas, I guess your team won tonight?” The smile stilled slightly as he started to scratch Lestrade’s ears, “Not played tonight, that isn’t a Red Sox game. I’m betting you still think Baseball is just Rounders?” He continued, “We won yesterday, so no offence.”

Looking at the slightly pink liege he continued on, “Glad to see you decided to come, the dog provides a weakness in Concord and to yourself. You don’t know how to control or talk to him, anyone with the skill could get information from him, despite his affection for you.” Gwendolyn quickly pondered his words, it was possible despite the care she took in having him kept safe, “I agree, but I don’t wish to blood bind him, it’s just not fair.” He looked at her “I’m not talking about you doing that, if you are agreeable I will teach you speak to him and be able to gain access to his thoughts.” Lestrade meanwhile was happily leaning into the head scratch his tongue lolling out of his mouth. “It is a kind offer but why?” “I shouldn’t have let the game bother me into teasing the dog, this is to redress that. You probably won’t find the skill too difficult given your examples of using Auspex a while ago in the Cathedral.”

Animalism wasn’t as difficult as she first thought once Silas suggested she didn’t keep seeing the technique has totally alien to her other skills, her first complaint of she couldn’t hear anything and all she was feeling was a brief desire for a bone was met with a short laugh, “Who do you think wants that? It’s not either of us… and stop trying to bark softly, you don’t mean to do that for him to understand.” Slowly she was able to sense the warm clouds of thoughts, a mixture of smells, scents, snips of thought, and the feelings of Lestrade.

“Lestrade…” The dog looked up at her, “Wat, you talk?”


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