Marcus Hardcastle

An effete snob, prissy, opinionated - perhaps the perfect Harpy...


A childe of (MIA) Lady Arabella Stuart, Hardcastle is a major player in the art-market of North-East America, and by extension the world.

His speciality is selecting works which will hold their value for bonded warehouses and wealthy collectors with more money than taste. He is always surrounded by stylish/ hero worshipping young art-historians who work in his gallery for a few years before moving out into a variety of posts elsewhere in the US and abroad. The most recent of which, Amy Moore has tried to discuss art with Gwendolyn Ashbridge only to be treated little better than a servant by the ‘caring’ Ventrue – a fact held on camera by Hardcastle.

He works from the Hardcastle Gallery.

He was summoned, somewhat reluctantly, to Boston by Lady Arabella in the early 1980s. He was known to chafe under the care and attention Arabella demonstrated towards (DOA) Michael Drake and latterly Megan Doyle. It is uncertain why Arabella embraced Hardcastle, as he has demonstrated no artistic skills.

On the other hand, Marcus has reached out to the Ventrue, particularlyJames Konrad and others, offering his ability at appraising art to the nouveau riche millionaires.


Marcus Hardcastle

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