Dead - John Flood

Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night.


Little is known for certain about Flood before his arrival in New England. He speaks with an East-coast Scottish accent, but has an English name. When he speaks of battles, he has made reference to fighting for the Covenant against King Charles, first in the Bishop’s Wars, then Ireland and finally during the battles of the War of Three Kingdoms (English Civil War). This would suggest an embrace sometime in the mid to late 17th Century. Aside from military skill, he has demonstrated a deep biblical knowledge and powers of oration, making some to suspect he may well have been a minister at some time prior to his embrace.

Flood came to New England in the 17th Century to take over the administration of the Chantry, following its decimation in the witch-hunt trials of the time. Older Kindred, especially Tremere, talk of the time when Flood was a fire-brand, tipped for the Princeship of Boston itself. He was able to hold audiences spell-bound without the use of supernatural influence, simply with his fire-brand speaking style. He demonstrated great passion, compassion and a thirst for knowledge, unusual in a Tremere Regent.

He obtained a large personal fortune, initially in banking but then diversifying into manufacturing businesses. He combined this wealth, with a willingness to work across clan-divides in the greater good, first with Dyer in Providence and then Winthrop in Boston. These actions resulted in both cities thriving, with a strong municipal and civic life at both State and local level.

Over time, he also developed good working relations with Magi in the area, which resulted in the embrace of his wayward childe Declan Tyrone. It is unclear to what extent he has regretted this decision subsequently.

However that was before the destruction of most of his brood during the initial sabbat assault and subsequent recapture of Boston. Some say it broke Flood, leaving him a husk of what he had been previously. Those of this opinion say his last glimpse of greatness was when he led the assault on the subsidiary Sabbat temple which was held by a powerful Tschmize Fleshcrafter and Sorceror. On that day his words forked lightening and called great swathes of flame to destroy the fiends. But that was the last time he showed true greatness, the fact that his most favoured progeny and apprentices were destroyed in these wars is meant to have drained the vitality from him.

Now little seems to stir his interest, save a direct threat to his chantry or clan, or the rumour of Sabbat infiltration. Now and then there are flashes of the old fire, but these are few and far apart. Flood was previously unrivalled at manipulating the weather and flames, but now seems obsessed with studies into death – as if he is still trying to contact those he lost in the war.

Were it not for their own inexperience, at least one of the new Tremere would have tried to replace Flood by now. As it is, it can only be a matter of time.

Killed in Guido Fawkes attack on the tremere chantry during Alfarez


Player supposition

  • Flood was based on Major Thomas Weir – the covenanting preacher & leader of the Town guard of Edinburgh accused of incest & witchcraft.

Dead - John Flood

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