Eleanor Van den Berg

Lasombra antitribu, still finding her feet in a strange new world.


The only childe of the exiled Scourge, Johannes Van Den Berg Eleanor is the scion of a wealthy Dutch-American family. A respectable Harvard scholar lecturing in colonial history, she felt stifled by the trappings of high society and longed for something different, particularly after the break-up of a long term relationship. Restless and rather bored, her desire for something new took her down a path she could not possibly have imagined.

She became fascinated by a family legend about an ancestor, Johannes Van Den Berg who had lived some two centuries ago – and who having been thought to have died aged 30, was rumoured to have reappeared at his brother’s deathbed some 50 years later having not aged a bit. The more Eleanor pursued the legend, the more an improbable, even impossible, conclusion presented itself.. And then she saw him, and the possibility that vampires existed suddenly seemed very real.

Not long after, she was attacked in her library when working late at night and shot. The last thing she remembered of her old life was Johannes offering her a choice.. Final death, or life as a creature like him. It was a choice and yet no choice, with little time to explain the upsides and downsides. Like a powerful link to the shadows, or an inability to see one’s reflection.

She has learned Obtenebration faster than anything else, and at only a year or so past Embrace, is keenly aware she may already be no longer really human. Her passions to a large extent help anchor her, and her relationship with the Assamite Imaad Al Qasim and her friendship with Gwendolyn Ashbridge remind her of her humanity even as her affinity with the Abyss grows.

Eleanor Van den Berg

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