Imaad Al Qasim

Remember. The way you make love is the way God will be with you. Rumi


Imaad is a slim, fit looking Arabic Indian man, he has an aquiline nose, dark eyes & unusually for a vampire variable length hair. He dresses in a fashionable though not cutting edge style and usually carries a cane carved with Islamic symbology.

Link to Imaad’s Blue Book Imaad’s Bluebook


Having had a distinguished military career in the Indian regiment of the British army during WWII (see Imaad’s Bad Dream) Imaad returned home and found peace in the Sufi teachings of his uncle.

That wasn’t all he learnt for his uncle was not just a Sufi but also a member of the Hassamite sect and, as Imaad was to find out, an Assamite vampire.

Imaad spent many years with his uncle learning the ways of the Sufi, the Hassasin and after his embrace, the Assamite.

After leaving his Sire Imaad ended up in Haight Ashbury just as the swinging sixities were getting started (see Indian Visa American Exes).

He’s is now in Boston where he is known on the New Age circut for his teachings on Sufism (see
Interview with a Sufi).

Imaad Al Qasim

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