Boston is old for a city in the New World, but with the predations of the Sabbat, there are only a few Kindred who remember a world without cars or the telephone.

Balin, a Childe of Malkav, is the second Prince to rule in Boston since it was retaken a quarter of a century ago. It is rumoured that his grasp on power is as tenuous as his grip on sanity.

With the ties forged in battle now severed, the ancillae gather into camps along ancient enmities. The Camarilla shows its weakness as its members think more of personal advancement and squabbles than securing their borders.

Scenting the blood on the wind, the Wolves seek to rebuild their power from the North. The Magi look to their ancient tomes and seek to bring Kindred into their schemes. The restless dead watch silently on.

Into this mix come three kindred newly arrived in town, for some capricious reason of his, the Prince appoints them to rule Concord in his stead dragging them further into the Jyhad.

Caveats & Other Stuff

April 2013

We are a London based gaming group who have all been acutely aware of the consequences of hate crimes & terrorism in the last 8 years. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the people of Boston this evening.

This chronicle is entirely fictional and please contact the GM if you feel any offence has been caused and we will seek to address this.

Age warning

The players in this game are all supposed to be mature adults. Whilst there is damn little evidence for this, we would suggest the game isn’t suitable for those under the age of consent in your country.

The Hollow Crown

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