Tweaks on Character Creation

For any specific deviations from the main rule book – normally because its bloody dumb…

Blood Point use for disciplines
- These will normally have some physical & clear impact on the character. So for example, points on celerity will cause the character to flush. Obtenebration will require some blood to issue from the kindred to start the effects etc.

- where you can explain the rationale for the specialisms applying they will lower difficulty of rolls by one point

10’s & 1’s
- 10’s are always rerolled
- 1’s are botches as normal

- reread the rules on this in 2nd ed and they are pretty stupid. In fact, I think unworkable in the context of a game. So I’m proposing the following rules:

You go into torpor (except voluntarily/ discipline use) and you will have the option of

  • losing the amount of time (note not downtime) specified in the book (so for humanity 7 that is over a week of gametime) OR losing the point of pysical attributes
  • An elder is defined of someone of the same generation or less – and will always allow for waking up instantly.


Right – the liquidation figure quoted in the book is a firesale price. It assumes that is how much you could raise within a month in liquid assets. Doing this will cause you to drop a point of resources assuming you then reinvest the asset. Complete liquidation will raise *5 the value quoted – but loses all the resource points. It also takes *2months per dot to completely liquidate.

Tweaks on Character Creation

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