The Winthrop Building

The public face for the Ventrue in Boston, Content Not Found: winthrop-2 maintains office accommodations there where he meets other Kindred.


Constructed following the ‘Great Fire of 1873’ on a house formally owned by Winthrop, for a long period of time the Wintrhop building was the tallest building in Boston. The building is historic, and is largely divided into office space. It remains an architectural landmark in Boston.

Meetings of the full Council of Vassals are often held here, whether Winthrop agrees or not.


Rumours: The 1873 fire should have been a disaster for the Ventrue. They had significant holdings in the area wiped out by the fire. However a persistent rumour, which many speculate is the reason Winthrop has never won the support of others to become Prince, is that the Venture started the fire. Reasons for this include

  • the fire crippled the local insurance industry, dominated by Tremere funds, as the majority of buildings were over-valued for insurance purposes;
  • reviewing the transactions of the Venture subsequently, it became interesting to note that a number of critical Venture operations had acquired alternative locations prior to the fire;
  • no Venture died in the fire, but a number of other clans lost herd, retainers and Kindred, the fire most heavily affected the Gangrel and the Brujah operating in the residential areas;
  • the fire destroyed the two major Boston newspapers which were most opposed to overt capitalism. Unable to operate they were subsequently acquired by more conservative papers;
  • a number of the buildings had been allowed to become dilapidated, in order to shift long-standing tenants out of the location, as the pre-civil war rents agreed no-longer reflected the potential value that could be derived from financial bodies. The fire resulted in most of these tenants being made homeless;
  • The Ventrue controlled the major building companies – as a consequence – no Kindred felt safe occupying the rebuilt financial district, leaving the Venture in sole control of it.

The Winthrop Building

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