The Ceileidh Place

District – East Boston

The Ceileidh Place is unusual for a number of reasons.


First, for a Celtic pub in Boston, it’s surprisingly accurate.


Second, it seems to be a bizarre hybrid of a live music venue, bar, restaurant, bookshop, organic food store and inn.


Finally, it’s clientele are surprisingly diverse, ranging from College professors to working class dockers.

Of course that’s because it’s also a werewolf bar…

The building comprises around a city block and is four buildings ‘merged’ together.

The bookstore is in the bottom left corner (viewed from above). It comprises three storeys, a basement stock room & two floors selling area. The shop remains open whilst the bar area is.

Bottom right is a bar / food area. This largely resembles a typical Irish/ Celtic pub. A range of organic foodstuffs & Celtic favourites can be bought from the bar, with food served on the top floor.

A basement access takes you to the larger live music venue taking up the the top half of the building.

Finally from the bar & also the top right corner of the building access can be obtained to an inn linked to the venue.

It’s difficult to assess the size of the building – allowing for office space – but it seems reasonable to assume 4-5 floors from the outside.

The Ceileidh Place

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