Something Fishy

_So it was the Ventrue after all, the eldest Bartlby or whatever his name is. Apparently we are to keep it quiet, in return we will gain some status at the court and Winthrop will drop his opposition to the Mosque which is very good news, I’m hope this will also cause Father Durranti to back down somewhat too.

Speaking of Christians the driftwood fish I pointed out to Eleanor should be arriving soon, it’s a great piece, very spiritual with early and Celtic Christian symbology. I wonder how many Christians know their original symbol was a fish, or how many know that we also recognise Jesus as a prophet of Allah?

I’m distracted from my thoughts by Eleanor emerging from the bedroom and asking my opinion on tonight’s outfit for Marisi’s event. I tell her she looks lovely and we head to the car…

Eleanor is missing! She went to feed and has not returned. The Prince is there, his liege must be found, indeed she must!

Damn! Whoever has done this must know our abilities, my rituals cannot follow their trail, somehow they have even managed limit Uncle Mohammed’s abilities to work through me!

I arrange for a sacrifice of lamb to the poor and pray to Allah for Eleanor’s safe return.

To Silas’s, if anyone knows this city its him. Yet again they have chosen well, they could have taken any one of multiple routes and even with Silas’s contacts tracking them could take days.

Now Gwendolyn is missing! We told not to go anywhere on her own!

Back to the Cathedral, what exactly does Marisi know about this?

They’re trying to force us off the road, I scream at Ralph to keep driving as I try and target them, damn missed, what they’re cutting our engine, how?

We pile out of the car weapons drawn but they speed off, at least I will recognise that manically grinning driver if I see him again.

Marisi sends a car, he doesn’t know any more than we do, what about the chess player? No one seems to have seen him before but he was playing Winthrop so he must be known?

Right now where? Back to Silas’s? Wait! That’s him, that’s the driver! He looks like he’s trying to dominate those mortals, pull over!

As we get closer I see his victim is the female artist! He hasn’t seen me, I raise my cane and try and drive it through his chest, just missed his heart! Ralph tries, also just missing. No! Malcolm! What are you doing?! With an elaborate but ineffectual flourish Malcolm knocks the Kinbdred away from Ralph and I and into the porch of club from whence the kine have emerged. Suddenly the door swings open and a piece of scaffolding pole is forced through the Kindred’s chest staking him; it’s Konrad! I hadn’t realise we were actually outside his club.

We manage to get just two words out of the Kindred before some ritual kicks in and he meets final death as the blood erupts from his body, film store.

We inform the Prince and Silas who work out there are three possible locations in the Greater Boston area. The Prince forms us into teams,; I’m with Ralph, Malcolm and the Venture Quincy Adams.

Nothing! Same for the second team, but the third team have found them; along with serious opposition. By the time we get there the fight is over but Declan, Konrad and De Luca are all seriously injured, Declan close to torpor.

Thank Allah Eleanor and Gwendolyn are unharmed, the male artist is with them though he is unconscious, Gwendolyn seems particularly concerned about him. After we have made sure everyone is taken care of Eleanor tells me what happened, about the strange fae creature they shared the vault and about Gwendolyn’s dilemma. No wonder she looked so concerned. Eleanor is worried about how Gwendolyn will cope and says we will have to keep a close eye on her in the days and weeks to come. I agree.

_Days Later

“I’m glad you pointed out that fish, I’ve realised that I find the sea and things associated with it really relaxing’, I smile as Eleanor continues, ‘and perhaps I should start a collection of sea related objects?’, ‘why not’ I say disentangling myself from Eleanor and heading into the bathroom. I return with a blue spray bottle which I proudly place next to the fish, ‘item two for the collection’ I say laughing, Eleanor looks quizzical, ‘ok I give in, what is it?, ‘Salt spray, I use it on my hair’…

Something Fishy

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