Retainer NPC Stats

The following stats apply to retainers.

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Ghoul creation in game:
A ghoul created during play (if it was previously a mortal retainer) requires:

  • the expenditure of 1 BP point (essentially as if you were getting an extra retainer at level 1)
  • the NPC will gain 1 pt in potence, and 1 pt in your highest discipline
  • the NPC will lose a permanent point of willpower; and
  • the NPC will slowly begin to demonstrate your clan weakness (They will roll willpower against difficulty 7 – not to develop your clan flaw in full at the start of each chronicle/ when they are first made a ghoul)

This won’t apply if the ghouling is temporary – but bear in mind the impact of not feeding your retainer blood. Essentially they will enter ‘withdrawal’ and not be available in the next story (irrespective of downtime). Also there is a strong risk repeatedly doing this will cause them to go bat-shit crazy and/or decide to drain you dry and leave you staked for the sun….

Oh and every ghoul you have is -1 blood point at the start of a story.

Otherwise players when creating an NPC should complete the following:

Ghoul/ Non -Ghoul
Attributes (1 automatic) and 6/4/3
Skills – 11/7/4
Backgrounds – 5 (or 4 if a ghoul – 1pt is deemed to be in ‘Domitor’)
Virtues – 7 + 1 automatic
Humanity = self-control + conscience
Willpower – capped at 4 for a ghoul, and 5 for a ‘free’ retainer – base value is courage
Freebie – 21 points (or 7 if a ghoul)
Ghouls get 2 dots in disciplines, 1pt in potence and 1 pt in your highest discipline at the time they were created.

All other costs are per Vampire creation costs. Ghouls can only have merits/ flaws with the GM’s approval. The GM is also likely to add flaws to a heavily used retainer as he sees fit…

Retainers will acquire 1 experience point per game session their player is involved in, and 1 extra point at the end of the chronicle.

The GM will decide nature of the retainer – this will not be revealed to the player.

Retainer NPC Stats

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