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If anyone says anything funny (and we can remember it the next day)

  • Slippers
  • Gwendolyn not only Dances with Wolves, she buys them dinner first (Er when? He fed her…)
  • Kat “I’m going to wait at the end of the alleyway” (sniggers) “Not like that – I’m just trying to pull my clothes together to look respectable and then waiting in the car park in the woods” (Gm Corpses…)
  • Eleanor “Johannes, is there anyone in this bar you haven’t slept with” – Barman is the solitary hand that goes up
  • Eleanor “Did you ever see Sesame Street”
    Johannes “Yes, I thought Bert & Ernie were closeted”
    Eleanor “Not like that, I mean I liked Count Von Count”
    Johannes (Bad impression) “Ah, one gothette, two gothettes – a good evening, three gothettes, even better”

Was it worth the bloodpoint? (Always ;-))
“Imaad” Well I was hoping to use it now and I’m sure it’s only a 30 second job

Kat: If I wake up with a naked man in my bed I will not be happy!

Imaad:‘Is Gwendolyn joining us tonight? Eleanor: ’No she’s tossing her dog’ – NB for non-game readers. I was throwing around a stuffed toy dog that was used at the gaming table to show the dog. Kat

Eleanor: What have we been doing for the past week Imaad: I don’t know but I’ve run out of blood points.

Gwendolyn: I need to leave soon after Imaad: Date. Eleanor: Dog? Though they may not be mutually exclusive.

Andrew T – if you shag werewolves , does that make the dog like a vibrator…

Kat – “that pair have shagged about for ages, only Prescott puts something on a tree – I personally take care of a dog…” Andrew & gm corpse

Kat: I’m glad I’m not playing a Malkavian they end up being comic relief.
Andrew: Eh, have you looked at the quote page?

Andrew: Great you have got six blood points and you weren’t damaged and I got only three from f**king chihuahuas! (GM point – Imaad was trying to hunt for blood by using stray dogs and got his only poor role of the game session)

GM: Actually Lestrade is as intelligent as Imaad… cursing from Andrew as he sees the stats in the player’s guide…

Imaad: You Vandenbergs are like the Kindred equivalent of the Waltons…

Ames: Gaveston is loving it, we’ve never had to call full vassal courts so often since the Sabbat last invaded.

Ames: I’m thinking of getting Johannes a bumper sticker that reads “My daughter’s on the naughty list again…”

Andrew S: Will someone please call Immad and tell him that his girl-friend is on trial for her life? Other players: “no”

Eleanor: If the worst happens Gwendolyn can you tell Imaad I love him? Sound of GM retching followed by ‘fuck it just for that Flood is voting no…’

Imaad: Need to feed drop me off in the student district, and bring a big car to collect us…

Imaad: Johannes was pleased with my performance. (Kat – oh for christ’s sake is their anyone he isn’t trying it on with..) – GM note Imaad had been assisting the Scourge with his duties.

Imaad: I will heal the cut on the hand and spend another blood point… not like that!

Tessa: My character’s going to die. GM: That’s what I love about this group, your never give up attitude. Tessa: I’ve been totally stitched up. GM: One PC dies and you all think I’m going to kill you. Imaad: I need 25 f’ing bloodpoints because someone shouted at me and Quietus one didn’t work… GM: Details….

Gwendolyn: I really need to get a good strong grip…

GM : Hey I just need to find a way to make Eleanor lose her voice and I’ve got the complete set! (after Imaad is deafened and Gwendolyn is blinded). Everyone: Trying to get Tessa to be shut-up? Chance would be a fine thing.

Tessa: Hey that means the leader of the sabbat was my cousin! Kat: One less person on your christmas card list then, I really hope you didn’t buy the bumper box…

GM: Its a straight perception roll. Andrew: But Jon is playing a Toreador, shouldn’t it be a gay perception roll….

Tessa: bumper sticker reads take it up the Assamite

On her character being given a book by a human Mage plus his phone number and resulting teasing from other players “what the heck do you expect Gwendolyn to with it? Phone the Mage and saying she’s stroking the book?” GM: “He saids he knows and the book is now a hardback.”

- Kat ‘ha the barfly is trying it on with Miss Frigid Knickers – good chance with that’ sits back smugly, rolls her social stat to resist … Snake eyes Gm ‘yes seems his luck is in as you trip & fall into his arms’
Actually Stuart, she fumbled a roll to delicately remove herself from the situation.

’Eleanor’s humanity goes up and down more than her knickers’

Doc ‘The story of my life, and my unlife’

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