Organisation of the Garou

The Kindred of Boston are ordered to stay away from the Garou by the order of the Prince & Primogen.

When it is required, the court’s envoy is the Gangrel Pocumtuc.

What little is known is that the Garou seem to have some form of hierarchy, which Mankiller has alluded both Tremayne and Fallon were high in before some falling out.

They have been sighted at a bar called the Celeidh Place in the South of Boston, near Dorchester Heights. This would seem to be a slightly upmarket combination pub, book store and accomodation. The Land of the Setting Sun

They appear to be able to access areas of power, linked to areas of significance for humans based on the actions near Concord Pond. The Soul Eater. There is a suggestion that they are organised in tribes or packs, with warriors such as Tremayne, judges and rulers such as Fallon and mystics like Mankiller.

The Garou seem linked to the Native American cause in the area, which is seeking to have tribal land in national parks around Boston reclassified as a reservation.

GM Caveat – You can assume the hippy crap in the main Werewolf setting is being totally ignored.

Organisation of the Garou

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