Opening Gambit

Cairngorm Investments – Quincy
Shortly after Balin’s Quest

Macleod looked down his ledger with satisfaction. He had quietly absorbed most of Tobias’s funding and his more useful assets quietly since his demise. He sat back and pondered how best to disguise these acquisitions, when he stumbled across the solution, which was elegance and simplicity itself. He picked up the phone to Tobias’s former day man and with a few honied words activated the failsafe control Tobias had left. Now if Concord or his brethren looked for Tobias’ secret funding they would find him and assume he had programmed fail safes.

It was a small sacrifice of a few million dollars to ensure the true wealth his brother had been ammassing was his, as was his right. After all, hadn’t he been the one to encourage Tobias ambitions & grievances against Balin.

This new millenia was shaping to be very profitable.

Sons of the American Revolution Chapter House – Lexington
Around the time of Psalm 137

“So Concord treated with the wolves and it ended badly? I’m surprised you are surprised by this?” he recedes back from the slowing melting whisky in front of him. "Either way, let us get back to the matter at hand. I’m willing to assist with the political issues that have held up reservation status, but in return I will want a significant portion of any building contracts and the casino revenue. " before the other can intervene he holds his hand “I am of course happy to have these companies set up and mainly staffed by Indians of the Pocumtuc tribe.”

Pocumtuc sits back, "That is acceptable to me. A respected elder of my clan from Chicago told me of the misfortune of your clan in that town. Not only has Lodin fallen, but it seems his brood were humiliated by a Malkavian in a game of chess. "

“I’d heard the once proud Ventrue of Chicago were in disarray – but over a game of chess?”

“It is unclear why, but what is interesting is that the Malkavian may well be one of the progenitors of Balin’s line”

“Now that is of interest.” with a thin lipped smile Macleod surveyed the goings on in the club around him, mentally selecting his prey for the evening.

Winthrop Building
Between All Souls Day and The Sign of Four

“So my lord, it seems that this ”/characters/nikola" class=“wiki-content-link”>Nikola has been making clear his belief that his superiority in chess easily surpasses any Ventrue following from his humiliation of Lodin’s brood. " Macleod stands behind his sire who is looking out over the city. “Moreover, he has generally suggested Russians are superior and that had it not been for the Brujah fouling things up, that the athiestic communist experiment would have defeated a country founded by credulous fat cretins worshipping mammon.”

Winthrop turns on his heel. “Enough Macleod, I think I’ve heard enough to convince me he needs to be shown the error of his ways.” Spinning on his heel, Winthrop completes his invitation with a flourish. He looks over the additional packages laid before him, “I believe we should continue to encourage Konrad’s tutelage of the Ms Ashbridge. Her sire was perhaps hasty in rejecting her from the clan. We might have her look into this Sebag individual” Macleod stands mute as the next file is considered. “Konrad’s relationship with the Toreador also continues well. Another handsome profit, in fact given his actions I have opted to increase his drawings to ensure parity between my children. I’ve also decided that he will have the honour of leading the regeneration of Jamaica Plain.”

Macelod is forced to hold his tongue, the regeneration was a prize he had worked on for almost thirty years. It isn’t simply the resources he would be deprived of but also all of the opportunities to influence that were offered. Still he maintains his composure. “Of course, as you see fit. I’ll ensure this missive is delivered to the Malkavian.”

But not before his legal scriveners have made the required adjustments to suggest its improvements… and also perhaps he should ensure Konrad was distracted by other matters.

“I’d also noticed

Opening Gambit

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