The character’s know little or nothing concrete about the Mages in Boston.

Its unlear what relationship, if any, they maintain with the Kindred.

Gwendolyn, through Auspex, has noticed some unusual points though.

  • A mage’s aura seems considerably more shaped than other creatures. For instance Shunsuku ‘Scott’ Kerr was a silver fire, like a burning bush. Thomas Hawthorne is like a tightly bound ledger or brick wall.
  • In mages where violence was involved before they awakened, there semed to be two auras which could be in opposition to each other. See Thomas Hawthorne.
  • It seems likely from the events of The Sicilian Dragon that mages may reincarnate, or somehow have a seperate spirit that performs the magick from the mortal body. See Veronica Burns
  • There may well be factions within the mage community – or something worse. See James Bishop


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