Learning and Mentors

Just a note, the three physical disciplines (potence, protean and celerity) do not require someone to ‘teach’ you to raise the level. You just pay the relevant cost per the book.

NB if you want combination disciplines these will need to be taught unless they are both clan disciplines.

If you have a mentor and they have the skill at 1pt higher than the level you want to learn, you can knock the value of the mentor off of the xp cost to learn. This can only be used once a chapter (game session), must be bluebooked ( without bb points) and can’t lower the cost below 1xp.

Mentor bonus only applies to abilities & disciplines. It won’t apply to attributes as these are more innate.

Training – to train requires you to have the skill at one level higher than the level the student wants to learn. (So lvl 1 melee means you need at least 2). It needs to be bluebooked – with the student getting no bb points. On a successful manipulation & expression roll, difficulty being 5 + level being taught. There is a negative modifier for each dot you have in the skill that exceeds the minimum requirement (eg you have melee 5, you are teaching a novice to fight to lvl 1(3 is the minimum target) you can deduct 2 from the difficulty.

For each success 1xp is deducted off the cost, to a min of 1xp. Willpower can’t be spent on this. A botch makes the cost to learn act as a point higher eg moving a skill from 1 to 2 is normally 2 points, a botch now means it costs 4 points to learn.

5 successes on the instruction roll will mean the instructor gains an xp point – essentially they have gained a new insight into the skill from teaching.

GM Update – 21 Sept 2014

I’ll need to see if this was slightly too generous in terms of character development – it won’t affect points spent to date but may change if I do another chronicle

Learning and Mentors

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