Kindred Society

The Kindred Court

Balin keeps a relatively small number of Kindred in specific positions in the court. To date the following seem to hold a recognised role.

Seneschal : presumed vacant since Johannes Van Den Berg killed Gaveston
Sheriff : Stockton
Keeper of Elysium : Currently vacant following the actions of the Sabbat against (MIA) Lady Arabella Stuart
Envoy to the Garou : Pocumtec
Scourge : De Luca


No one is quite sure how you gain membership of this body. The current primogen has been unchanged since Boston was retaken in 1980’s. Balin’s destruction of the previous prince in 1990 (see The Dolorous Stroke ) does not appear to have resulted in any other changes.

The Primogen members are :


The Kindred domain of Boston is spread over a wide area of Massachusetts. Rough map

As such the practice of Vassalage has been instituted. The Vassal’s Court can be called by the Prince or Primogen, and all Vassals are sworn to attend. (Gm Note – I’ve changed these to suit my need in game. They aren’t therefore the same as wikipedia might suggest)

Broadly speaking the 20 Fiefdom’s can be grouped into three categories. This is probably the first notion a local would have on hearing about the location. Given time areas can radically change their stars however. I’ve used London as an example

  • Bromley is almost certainly a Fiefdom of the Pleb. Nothing wrong with it, large population, but nothing that would grab the interest of Kindred specifically aside from the meat markets in the centre. Go back a 150 years and Bromley was a relatively prosperous market town favoured by the middle/ intellectual classes to escape London…
  • Camden is probably sitting in either a Fiefdom of the Plebs or a Fiefdom of Culture. The fact it attracts an alternative edge to it would make it attractive between Brujah/ Toreador. Go back 100 years and Camden would only have been of interest to those that liked growing flowers…
  • Greenwich is sitting as a Fiefdom of Culture. The pretty old buildings, a major museum and the fact it has a University of sorts help place it in that ‘zone’. Go back about 100 years and this whole area would have been solidly a Fiefdom of Wealth given the power it would grant over future Naval Officers…
  • Canary Wharf is clearly a Fiefdom of Wealth – go back a 100 years and it was one of the roughest hell-holes in Victorian London. Its just the type of theft that has changed…

The Fiefdoms & current Vassals are:

Fiefdom’s of Wealth

These tend to be areas where there is a concentration of wealthy individuals or businesses highly prized by Ventrue and Tremere for obvious reasons.

  • Weston – Winthrop – this is a massively affluent town. The per capita salary is in excess of $100k. This is where Boston’s leaders will keep their primary home (alongside their place in Martha’s Vineyard and the townhouse…)
  • Maynard – James Konrad – previously a large manufacturing town, since the early 1990’s it has become HQ for a number of IT companies.
  • Quincy – Thomas ‘Bartleby’ Macleod – this is a sprawling area of linked towns. It is a centre for financial services companies and historically was a major manufacturing area (including for US Navy). It has started moving to the financial services sector and has the HQ of Dunkin’ Donuts. There is a rumour that Bartleby holds this to spite his younger clanmate Michael Quincy-Adams who’s family founded most of these towns.
  • Andover – John Flood – An older town. The area is wealthy, popular with those wanting to avoid the city. This was one of the places involved in the Salem Witch Hunts in 1700’s.
  • Brookline – James Kingston – An older town, closely linked to Cambridge. It was a favoured retreat of Brahmins back in the day and still boasts a high number of CEO staying in the area.
  • Foxboro – VASSAL TBC in GAME – site of the New England Patriot’s football ground. The ability to offer corporate hospitality makes this of interest to Ventrue.

Fiefdom’s of Culture & the Mind.

These tend to be areas of specific historical interest, which bring a higher risk of masquerade breach, bohemian/ artistic areas, or areas around the universities. Depending on the individual fiefdom, they tend to be favoured by cereberal Brujah,

Prized by the Toreador or more conservative Brujah these are the more historic and bohemian areas of Boston. They can also be heavily favoured by tourists, meaning there is a significantly higher risk that of Masquerade breaches getting out of hand quickly.

  • Sudbury -Michael Quincy-Adams – This could easily be in the ‘fiefdoms of wealth’. The town is historic and largely rural in outlook. Significant colonial events occured here, including the Battle of Concord. As to why a Venture controls it, the answer is simple, there are a number of highly profitable firms based in the area, with ties to the American military.
  • Concord – Imaad Al Qasim , Eleanor Van den Berg and Gwendolyn Ashbridge] (jointly)
  • Braintree – Samuel Prescott – Braintree is largely a Bohemian area. It has a number of artist retreat style seaside areas combined with a growing New Age scene.
  • Wayland – Silas – Wayland was historically a rural town. It has since became a favoured location for those working at Harvard and has a number of artist studios.
  • Cambridge – Joshua Soames – this is the actual location of Harvard. it’s been held by a Tremere, largely because they tend to have access to scholars to look for worrying studies in postgrads.
  • Waltham – Marcus Hardcastle – this is where non-harvard universities have based themselves. Originally a location for skilled craftsmen, it has switched to non-Harvard universities.

Fiefdoms of the Plebs

A rather cruel title added to those fiefdoms which are largely working class. Despite this, they tend to be favoured by Brujah. They generally are difficult to feed in, as the houses are largely suburban and closely packed.

  • Brockton – De Luca – A very rough working class area. A centre for the 1968-69 riots. Think the location in Good Will Hunting
  • Canton – Declan Tyrone – Canton was the centre of the leather making and other manual trades histroically. The focus remains on manual work, although in recent years it has begun to be favoured by young professionals unable to afford central Boston.
  • Dedham – Vassal TBC in Game – this place is pretty much dull. A town that essentially fractured itself into 17 parts over the centuries because it was so unaccomodating. There is nothing particularily of note here.
  • Dover – James Kingston – This place is added to the Pleb listing as it fails to attract anyone’s particular interest. Its about as exciting as being given a job watching paint dry. When the gift of vassalage falls into the hands of the Primogen it has tended to be used as a subtle way of persuading the Vassal they might want to consider their career choice (At least one English Ventrue when offered this vassalage relocated to Coventry….)
  • Medfield – Thomas Giles Corey – the stalemate over this fiefdom was broken by the actions of Concord. Corey agreed to a deal whereby Alison Cartwright would work together over the medical facility. It is unclear to what extent Concord were pawns of more senior kindred The Soul Eater and All Souls’ Day
  • Weymouth – Tobias Ames held in stead by Imaad Al Qasim- this largely falls to the Plebs because it is a string of islands and nature reserves to the South of Boston. Largely Irish-American in nature, it’s almost certain that Ames holds onto this because it allows him easy access to a number of harbours to berth his small fleet of boats.
  • Framingham – Megan Doyle – this was an area for skilled craftsmen historically, but is now largely a commuter centre.
  • Gloucester – Freya Ahlstrom – this is a pretty old fishing town. Freya appears to have acquired control of it as it suits her studies.

Clan Brujah – The Brujah appear to be split into two factions, one headed by Dyer the other by Plough Jogger. Both appear to be opposed to the current system.

Clan Gangrel – no known gangrel in town aside from Pocumtuc and Geddes so no real organisation

Clan Malkavian – aside from Balin, no members of this clan of note

Clan Nosferatu – aside from Silas there are no known Nosferatu in Boston

Clan Toreador – the clan fell into fationalism after the loss of Lady Arabella Stuart. Political machinations on the part of Marcus Hardcastle abetted by the lieges of Concord left him as primus inter pares, it remains to be seen if any viable alternative now exists.

Clan Tremere – details of Clan Tremere are noted here The Thunor Institute

Clan Ventrue – The Venture of note can be found in

Known Groupings

The Washer Woman

A grouping of Kindred, working from The Washer-Women Church. They appear to be spiritual and are rumoured to be investigating Golconda. Under the protection of Concord’s Lieges.

It would appear that they had been betrayed internally over decades by the Conductor who isolated the members from court and other kindred to prey on them.

Members include

  • The Conductor
  • Juanita
  • Nichole
  • Lucita

Morrigan/ Scourge

These appear to be assistants to the Scourge, although their exact status and goals are unclear.

Members include

Kindred Society

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