GM update September – need to consider what I do with these – I’ve yet to work out how kindred avoid going into torpor withou huge herds

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Existing Rules (per WW)

Hunting [Perception]: It is the nature of the vampire that she must hunt. For each hour the vampire spends searching for human prey, allow the player to make a Perception roll against a difficulty based on the area in which the vampire hunts.

Area Difficulty
Slum neighbourhood/The Rack 4
Lower-income/bohemian 5
Down town business district 6
Warehouse district 6
Suburb 7
Heavily patrolled area 8

Success – you may roll a D10 to take that many blood points. She may now ingest one D10 worth of blood points.
Failure indicates that the hour is spent looking fruitlessly
Botch indicates a complication (perhaps the character accidentally kills a vessel, picks up a disease, enters the domain of a rival Kindred or suffers assault from a street gang).

If the character catches prey, but currently has fewer blood points in her body than [7 minus Self-Control], a frenzy check (self-control v diff 6) is needed. NB per the rules 5 cumulative successes are needed to completely avoid frenzy

A failure on the roll – the character continues to gorge on the vessel until she is completely sated (at full blood pool) or the victim dies.

A botch indicates the loss of a self-control point, the certain death of one or more victims, and almost certainly a humanity check….

Fame – subtracts one from the difficulty (if appropriate) to a minimum of difficulty 3
Herd – adds one die (per dot of herd) to each perception roll – assuming you can explain why herd are in the area

Proposed Rules (per Me)


There are three basic methods for hunting:

  • Actual hunting – physically stalking prey. You will be grabbing first suitable target and jumping them (Attribute: Perception)
  • Don Juan (or variant) – the vessel is willing to some extent. The method will vary, but can include picking them up in a bar/ paying for services/ running a ‘special training session’ etc. The base attribute here is likely to be the highest of your social stats
  • Blood Banking – gaining access to cold blood. This can range from plasma bags through to gathered blood from slaughter houses etc… (normally this will require a relevant background eg only available with specific herd/ contracts / resources). Alternatively a minimum of medicine 2 or streetwise 2 is required.

The form of hunting adopted affects the difficulty & the self-control roll to avoid frenzy. Essentially straight hunting is easier – but allows the beast more control. Conversely blood banking is more difficult but the ‘distance’ allows greater control.

The base difficulty I’m proposing is:

  • Hunting difficulty 4 to 6 – the difficulty here reflects where you are hunting. A difficulty 4 is essentially a slum area, with a 6 indicating somewhere like the back of a major nightclub (nb I’m tempted to say Fame/ Herd don’t help with this technique, but we will see)
  • Don Juan 5 to 7 (each dot of fame adds a dice to the pool to hunt) – difficulty here indicates the bar/ situation – 5 would be a meat market to 7 being a slightly more classy nightclub. (Going forward we might also amend the difficulty for holdings and the like)
  • Blood Banking – 8 – reduced by higher of herd / relevant backgrounds. Min difficulty is 6.
  • You can potentially get one source of blood per each hour hunting (so find one victim, get to one blood bank etc). Unless you are Johannes Van Den Berg in which case it is how many gothettes he can fit in the bed
  • You can roll 1 d10 per successful hour of hunting. This is the maximum amount of blood you can get per hour, and is cumulative. Note the following points apply:
  • Hunting – you are restricted to one victim an hour (you will need to flee scene etc). Essentially taking more than 2 blood points an hour will hospitalise and potentially kill the victim. You are also likely to be attacking weaker individuals (homeless/ drunk individuals etc) and so they are likely to take more damage than otherwise.
  • Don Juan – you can normally take 3 blood points before seriously weakening an individual vessel. A very successful role (3+ for any hour) indicates you got more than one vessel (so Imaad persuades 2-3 people back for a meditation session etc). Given the peaceful nature of a such an approach, each vessel can yield up to 3 blood points without hospitalisation – but that will leave them pretty weak the next day.
  • Blood banking – you can normally acquire up to 4 points from a bloodbank without causing significant issues for the source. More than that might cause issues for your supplier and will mean a higher cost. (Base stat is likely to be a social one (to influence supplier))

Cash Costs: Blood bags are $250 a bag if you are a known buyer (eg relevant background) – and double this (for all bags) if more than 4 points are taken from any single source in a given day, or more than 10 points in a single week, 20 points in a four week period. If you are unknown (no previous backgrounds) then these costs are doubled again.

A failure indicates that the hour is spent looking fruitlessly (no matter the approach).
Botch indicates a complication (perhaps the character accidentally kills a vessel, picks up a disease, enters the domain of a rival Kindred or suffers assault from a street gang). Note – a benefit of bloodbanking is that diseases tend to be screened out so this consequence doesn’t normally apply if you are using a regular source. The most likely consequence of a botch at the bloodbank would be that the supplier is subject to an audit, or the bags burst somehow.

If the character is successful, but currently has equal to or less blood points in her body than [7 minus Self-Control], a frenzy check is needed at the following difficulty.

  • Hunting approach – difficulty is 8 – essentially this approach awakens the bestial side more than others.
  • Don Juan – difficulty is 6.
  • Bloodbanking – difficulty is 4.

The no of successes needed to resist frenzy is also affected.

  • With hunting – a failure means you will continue to feed until sated. You also need all five successes to overcome frenzy totally.
  • With Don Juan – a botch means you will feed until sated. a failure allows for a second roll – if you fail that as well – you will feed until sated. You also only need 3 successes to control yourself
  • Bloodbanking – only a botch on self-control will trigger you gorging yourself (probably on the nearest source/ attacking a paramedic van etc) – failures mean you will drink until all available supplies are gone & can roll each turn – a success on any turn brings you out of frenzy.

So for example (nb stats made up):

Gwendolyn has herd 2 in ‘bloodbank’. She opts to spend 3 hours going to various regular suppliers. Her relationship with the suppliers is money based, and essentially friendly, so she would roll her charisma of 3, 3 times against difficulty 6 (8-the 2 for herd). Assuming three successes, she rolls 3 d 10’s – getting a 4, 3 and a 6. In theory she can take 13 blood points in total. Spreading across the 3 sources, this means only one location is above the 4 point limit – so the total cost to Gwendolyn would be :

Location 1 – 4 points – $1,000
Location 2 – 4 points – $1,000
Location 3 – 5 points – £2,500

Total – $4,500

Had Hook – with no relevant background attempted this – the cost would be doubled.

Any returns to Location 3 will be at the higher costs of $500 a blood point for that week.

Gwendolyn has a self-control of 4, and starts with a blood pool of 3

This means that she has to roll self-control for the first location, but not for any subsequent ones.

NB I’ll assume any botches/ failed self control rolls will trigger role-playing but successful hunts can be bypassed.

Depending on time – I might also opt to do a fouled up hunt as a blue-book after the game session to avoid slowing it down to much. I don’t think you can bypass the fact that feeding is intrinsic to this game in a way that having provisions for mortal games isn’t.

Revised Herd Rules

Essentially the player can get a number of blood points equal to their herd for free in any given week. This does take an ‘hour’ but doesn’t require a roll.

Revised Fame Rules

Broadly speaking this will act like Herd used to – but only for the Don Juan Method.


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