Eleanor's Bluebook

Campaign bluebooks

Eleanor story 1 Thrown in at the deep end – Eleanor Story 1
Story 1 aftermath Codex research – Story 1 aftermath
Eleanor story 2 Chaos at the Lake – Eleanor story 2
Eleanor story 3 Two bars, a church, a mosque and a whole lot of trouble (Eleanor story 3)
Eleanor story 4 Some awkward lessons in politics (Eleanor story 4)
Story 4 aftermath A bar, a student, a camera, a conversation (Story 4 aftermath)
Eleanor story 5 More politics, a death and some interesting revelation
Eleanor story 5 aftermath A mirror into darkness
Eleanor story 6 Shadows of the past and the present
Eleanor story 7 A night of shadows and anger
Eleanor story 8 Scheming, the sea and suspicions
Eleanor story 9 All the world’s a stage
Eleanor story 10 A descent into darkness
Eleanor story 11 Grist to the mill – an entertaining night at the gallery
Eleanor story 12 Once more unto the breach, dear Fiends, once more
Eleanor story 13 Pawns, peril and plots
Eleanor story 14 Malkavian’s Gambit
Eleanor story 15 Into the land of shadows
Eleanor story 16 Once more into the shadows of the past
Eleanor story 18/ catch up Fire burns, shadows whisper
Eleanor story 19 Lost boys, lost girls

Origin Bluebooks

A case of pre fundraiser tension
Eleanor and Johannes – the beginning
Eleanor and Johannes – lessons from my sire


Mentor Conversations with my sire
Mentor/ Melee Awkward questions, hard lessons
Mentor/ Herd Boston by night

Other backgrounds

Holdings/ retainer Holding out for a holding
Retainer A Ghoul’s night out
Holdings Eleanor and Gwendolyn’s big night out

Skills *

Dominate / Brawl/ Melee Some interesting lessons
Obtenebration/ Brawl/ Melee Practice makes perfect
Obtenebration – Arms of the Abyss A darker shade of shadow
Obtenebration An evening of shadows and flame
Subterfuge When past and present collide
Firearms A call to arms

Eleanor and Imaad aka vampire Mills & Boon

Story 3 aftermath Be still my undead heart
Story 5 aftermath Bleeding Hearts – a vampire valentine
Story 7 aftermath An evening by the sea
Story 9 aftermath A dance of blades

Eleanor's Bluebook

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