Diablerie is bad m’kay? There are serious consequences – including humanity loss, potential possession/ derangements and the fact most kindred would support a blood hunt called on your head.

Proposed Rules

  • if your victim is resisting/ or is trying to diablerise you – its a contested willpower roll (temporary willpower) vs a difficulty of the opponents willpower (permanent). 10 net successes are needed.
  • if your victim is already ‘down’ – its a contested willpower roll (temporary willpower) vs a difficulty of the opponents willpower (permanent). 7 net successes are needed.

nb – a fail on a ‘down’ foe means the diablerie isn’t successful, but you will still have the black tendrils in your aura.


  • unless generation is established – then 3d10 are rolled – you need to beat the gm’s score. The following modifiers apply (based on your generation)
    - 13th generation +5 to your total
    - 12th generation +3 to your total
    - 11th generation +1 to your total
    - 10th generation 0
    - 9th generation -1 to your total
    - 8th generation -3 to your total
    - 7th generation -6 to your total
    - 6th generation -10 to your total

below this won’t occur randomly.


  • a self-control roll – difficulty of the opponent’s permanent willpower is made.
    - a success means no negative mental consequences to the diablerie.
    - a failure means you gain a temporary derangement (or two if target is a malkavian) for 1*d10 weeks.
    - a botch means you gain a permanent derangement (or two if the target is a malkavian) – for extreme botches there is the potential that the other soul will take over yours.


  • a perception roll – difficulty of 6 is made
    - 1/2 successes – the victim’s highest discipline can be raised as if it was a clan discipline (for 1/2 levels)
    - 3+ an additional piece of information relevant to the current gain will be provided. If the character is a thaumaturgist – you may learn two rituals the other knew.
    - failure – the diablorist suffers for 1*d10 days massive migraines as they try to process the memories of the other. All rolls using mental attributes will be a +2 difficulty.
    - botch – it will now cost you the non-clan cost to raise clan disciplines for the next level.


  • diablerie is deemed to be a level 4 sin if planned, level 7 if accidental (i.e in frenzy after you were attacked)


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