Bridget Jones' vampire diaries


Calories: 1000 (O Positive)
Alcohol Units: 1 (prey drinking Corona)
Blood points ingested: 2
Blood points expended on Obtenebration: 1
Blood points expended on something else: 1
Outfit: grey skinny jeans, black lace top, black velvet tuxedo jacket
Imaad reaction: appreciative
Johannes reaction: sardonic amusement and a suggestion it was time I bought some leather trousers


Day 1
Walked the dog, worked, checked with Jarvis everything is ok (if not worked though issues), checked Concord missing pages/reports and property purchases. Talked to Eleanor. Avoided kindred (and other supernatural creatures) apart from my four charges as per obligation thanks to Gaveston. Walked the dog again, failed stick throwing.

Day 2

Day 3
Considering leaving Boston, however can’t due to ties see above

Day 4
Same as day one… when will this end?


Feb 1: Got up, saw how unbelievable potent I looked in the mirror. Today is going to be a good day.
Feb 2: Got up, caught glimpse of myself in mirror. God today is going to be great …


Gothettes: 3
Alcohol units: 3 (snakebite)
Sabbat minced: 3
Blood points ingested: 6
Blood points used on Obtenebration: 1
Blood points used for other activities: 3 (go figure)
Time spent admiring self in mirror: 0
Time spent admiring bits of self can see without mirror: quite a bit
Time spent admiring self reflected in adoring gazes: also quite a bit
And thus ends hour one of day one


Day one: called court, punished a few people. Scourge extracted self from life debt, grr.
Day two: wibble.
Day three: where are my pot plants?
Day 4: call in vassal court due to cock up in concord
Day 7:keep diary free – vassal court for cuic
Day 10: keep diary free – vc for cuic

Ah f*ck it, I’ll use the reoccurrence option in outlook …


Day 6
Send pigeon to crap on table
Day 3
Do a little dance and make a little noise
Do wierd thing to aura to piss off Kat
Look all shocked when Kat gets annoyed by sore head …

Imaad’s Diary

Wake up

Get of bed and check hair before Eleanor wakes – it looks artfully tousled – cool

Return to bed and pretend I’ve just woken up when Eleanor wakes

Make love


Check hair looks good

Wave Eleanor off to her lesson with Johannes

Check hair

Teach class, apologise for tousled hair wait for Ali to say how great it looks

Check hair

Head back to Eleanor’s pick up guitar en route

Check hair

Play guitar

Check hair

Listen for Eleanor’s return so that I am arranged louchely on the sofa when she comes in

Check hair

If hair looks good (what do I mean if? LOL) get Eleanor to take photo of me looking cool with guitar for Willow’s newsletter.

Check hair

Make love


Bridget Jones' vampire diaries

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