Boston New Age Scene

The low level tat shops tend to focus on one of the following

Salem witch trial stuff/ mass market wicca. This tends to be more towards the Salem/ Danvers end of the state. Cthulhu mythos/ Irving Washington style ye olde tales of haunted new england¦. these tend to be more towards Providence/ sea ports. Native american stuff these tend to be essentially jewellery and dreamcatchers normally near reservations for added sales kicks. Within Boston itself (but some neighbouring towns) Celtic myths and legends these tend to be in a general celtic store Limited mythology around haunted ships/ ghostly pirates etc (the sea ports)
The main focus of occult/ new age stuff is either in Cambridge (near harvard), Braintree (a coastal town to the south), or slightly further north towards Danvers (the actual Salem)/ Providence.
There is a large store Seven Stars in central Boston. It doesnt have an overall theme, but I suppose it is like Atlantis near the British Museum – except slightly bigger. It seems to attract a widely varied crowd (including a tremere you saw at the court).

Cambridge has a number of bookstores. They seem to be selling themselves as specialist theology/ philosophy stores or antiquarian stores though rather than openly ˜new age/ esoteric. One in particular is of interest, Open Doors, which seems to be very focussed around the hermetic tradition/ renaissance European materials.

Braintree tends to be more of a lifestyle location as if its trying to be a bit more hippy generally a lot more hits generate there including references to holistic centres, tarot cafes etc. The odd buddhist locale.

Danvers tends to be a centre for Wicca activity and associated church condemnation (think Witchfest on acid).

The seaports/ Boston seem to be more focussed on the Celtic beliefs – although it would seem that there has been a recent upswing in interest in the norse beliefs (possibly due to recent academic controversy about the Norse being the first settlers here).

Boston New Age Scene

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