Blue Stocking Mariner

Proprietor : Silas
Type : Bar

Description & Layout
The bar is in the basement of a converted warehouse. The interior is split into four sections. Coming down the stairs you will walk around the outside of the micro-brewery mash-tuns which are enclosed in glass walls.

The second section is decorated in Red-Sox memorabilia and has two screens which either show ‘classic’ Red-sox matches or the live game. Behind this section, and not available to the general public would seem to be the management area and link to the Micro-brewery.

Wheatsheaf bar

The final section contains two pool tables, two dart boards and tables for other games. The die-hards from the pub will be found here when there isn’t a live match. This is also where Silas can be found. When she visits Alison Cartwright will be found here discussing philosophy with Silas over a chess board.

Supernatural Links :
Owned by the Nosferatu Primogen

Blue Stocking Mariner

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