Blue Booking

To encourage character development (and because its a really good way for me to shamelessly nick incorporate the PC’s thoughts and backgrounds into the game I’m offering the following extra ‘bluebook’ points. These can be converted into extra experience (1 for 1) or used to raise backgrounds on the current next level of that background *1bp point (so to go from resources four to five needs 5 bluebook points). You also need two blue book points to acquire a new background. (SP Note Changes effective from 20 Jan 2013. Previous expenditure not affected)
Aside from in game actions – this is the only way to raise backgrounds.

What are we looking for in the ‘blue-book’ – this is essentially going to be

  • What your character’s take on events was. Can be as elaboarate as you like – but clearly ypu might want to refer back to this at other times and I’ll be assuming if it isn’t in here our character doesn’t remember the incident etc.
  • details expanding your allies/ retainers/ mentor or other NPC’s mentioned on the character sheet
  • explanations in some cases as to how your character has developed a new skill. For example you might want to blue book learning to spar etc.
  • Blue books can be written in conjunction with other players.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Writing up your character’s view of events in a chapter. 1 BP per game session covered, up to 3 BP per chapter.
  • at the end of the chronicle
    3 BP for any player with a complete blue book for the game sessions they attended
    an extra BP to be awarded (by player vote) for
    Funniest Bluebook
    Most revealing blue book
    Most fitting blue book (any other categories that seem fit)
  • Background bluebook points – 1pt for each background developed up to a maximum of 5pts in total

Blue Booking

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