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“Suriel, your continued consorting with the leeches is distasteful and has failed to return any significant evidence of the cause of the madness in their leaders. This council has given you long enough to find a cause beyond the simple fact they are corrupted beings and should be destroyed to return them to the wheel of life.” its only with the greatest of efforts that he avoids letting his exasperation break into the mental conference, well that and the threat of monomacy, for all his fundamentalism Raguel was a skilled will worker.

Rubbing his eyes, he looks around his sanctum, summoning the strength to continue “Yet the evidence remains. The return of Haniel to us after so long is yet another harbringer that the end days are at hand.”

“This is her own assuming?” Barachiel’s laconic interjection. As always a deep reading there, a deeper consideration. One wondered whether this query came from the Daemon or the man. It remained difficult not to percieve the others in the conversaton through the filter of the initiator. So in this case, Raguel’s faith coloured them all in the light of their own long forgotten beliefs.

“She has been returned to us. Ramiel’s son did well, but has been unmade in the doing. Now the binding has been broken and she was free to reunite with another. "

“No great loss, one more perversion of our art destroyed.”

“Has she trully been returned, she has been imprisoned for nigh on half a millenia” and more importantly joined with a victim of vampire intrigue who would seek vengence. Barachiel again.

“Time will tell. This council is at a close.” With this the he became aware of the cold stone once again, and saw the sunlight pouring in through the skylight. He stepped back to consider this finding.


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