Tobias Ames

Merchant and pirate were for a long period one and the same person. Even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a refinement of piratical morality.


Tobias Ames is one of the very few people to be overshadowed wherever he goes. This is no small feat for a flamboyant man, standing a little over 6’4 and a rakish smile.

His childhood is unknown, he first appears in history as a sailor on a merchant ship captured by Edward Teach. He signed onto the pirate’s crew, preferring the democracy of those pirates as opposed to the tyranny of his previous captain.

Piracy fitted him like a glove, he became known as a daring raider, romancer and roisterer. Well loved on ship and on shore, he surrendered along with Teach in 1718. Of course, history recalls the far more interesting ‘Israel Hands’ his successor. Ames grew bored trying to act like a respectable merchant, and moved to the Caribbean. He signed on with Calico Jack Rackham. Despite being famous across the Caribbean, Calico Jack’s domestic arrangements and the Skull and Crossbones flag are what history remembers. History also managed to ‘miss’ the fact that he was the only member of Rackham’s crew to survive. His escape was flamboyant past even his reputation, involving diving from the ramparts of Fort Carlisle whilst bound hand and foot, escaping from a platoon of English Redcoats sent to escort him to the gallows. (Nb There are rumours that he’s been over to the West Coast recently – although many believe he’s looking for his sire and his brood who were in the Free States when they fell).

To add insult to oblivion, he was then embraced in a drunken bar brawl by Smiling Jack. Smiling Jack was a fabled pirate, and he became the poster boy for rebellion in the Anarch movement. Smiling Jack is as hated by the Ventrue, as Guido Fawkes is by the Tremere. Ames never seems to have joined the Anarchs – it seems he would get involved in the movement if the risks seemed high enough, or if his current paramour was involved, or he got the chance to look cool. The only thing that was clear was he had an abiding hatred of the Sabbat and Setites.

That brought him to Boston, and New England, where the opportunity to strike at the Sabbat was given to him by Prince Balin. Unusually, he has remained with the Prince since, acting as his scourge or sheriff. He has been perturbed by the loss of other members of his brood during the fall of the Anarch states and is seeking to try and contact them.

Unusually for a Brujah, he doesn’t seem to fall into a traditional Frenzy, instead his natural inclination to reckless piratical behaviour seems to increase. He’s been seen in battle swinging in from the side into a pack of Sabbat knife in his mouth and sword in hand. Despite this, he seems to be overshadowed by the other members of the Prince’s group. Perhaps some men are always deemed to be in the shadows.

The eternal porthos to Athos & Aramis.


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Tobias Ames

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