Thomas 'Bartleby' Macleod

“Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”


Bartleby is a nickname provided to Macleod in a rare sense of humour by Winthrop. It refers to the coup that brought him the position of Aedile, when he was able to identify who owned & insured the buildings shortly before the fire that gutted Boston. He has continually been able to predict & exploit misfortune throughout his life and unlife.

In the case of the fire, he had control over the scriveners guild in Boston, as such he became privy to every legal contract drawn up in the city & stored at their premises.

He came to the attention of Winthrop when he ‘left’ the Hector, a merchant vessel transferring Scot’s highlanders evicted from their glens to Nova Scotia. He’d predicted the evictions, secured a monopoly on basic necessities at Loch Broom, based on borrowed money, and made a massive profit selling these at inflated prices to his former clan mates. He’d also through manipulation, chicanery and other tricks, managed to obtain large parcels of land and most of the crews funds.

Realising he couldn’t sustain the gig once they hit Boston, he got off the boat, and set himself up as a merchant with the proceeds. It’s rumoured he sold to both sides during the revolution – at which point Winthrop brought him fully into the clan.


Player supposition

Currently favoured to be the sabbat spy

Thomas 'Bartleby' Macleod

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