The Cordwainer

but remember that I shall love your sorrow


The Cordwainer is a legend used to scare unruly Anarchs.

He was at the spearhead of the destruction of the Chantries during the Sabbat invasion. It’s rumoured that even with the cleansing rituals flood performed on Boston’s, it’s said the more skilled in Auspex can see the souls of the apprentices he had made a tapestry from, and strung across the main hall.

One minor point, he earned his sobriquet as a mortal monk. His chantry was wiped out in a plague, so he claimed. When he was found he had tanned the rest of the clerics, turning them into book covers, clothing and other artists. There were mutterings that not all of the flesh appeared to be plague ridden…


Player supposition

The Cordwainer

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