The conductor

Blood didst thou thirst for, and with blood I glut thee


The conductor was attached to the washer women. Subservient , and Uriah Heap-Esque around the kindred, he had long since blood bound their mortal doubles.

A secret diaborist, hiding his actions using a thaumaturgical ritual, he betrayed the women over time. He would prey on the isolated and weak in cities, then encourage the group to move on. More than once he despatched a member of the group before fleeing

He had successfully convinced the rest of the group that Gwendolyn was going mad – isolating her from the rest – before using presence to summon her to him.

He exposed himself trying to destroy Gwendolyn. (Who might like to recall that she owes the rest of the party at least one debt for that). He also exposed his connections to the sabbat.

He did seem to know of kindred in Boston. He knew of Hardcastle, and may have encouraged his actions.


Player supposition

  1. who else was he talking to in Boston
  1. who planted the seed that an Inconnu existed in Boston
  1. where is he now ?
  1. who helped him escape ?

The conductor

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