Tex Geddes

Mors mihi vita est


Geddes is outgoing & personable. He’s been pretty friendly to the group, is not a fan of Hardcastle & sponsored Malcolm’s failed bid.

He has an odd accent – think German/ Dutch / Scandinavian actors speaking excellent English.

He’s also been around long enough to know the prestige game – trading boons very quickly when they come up.

He seems to be some sort of adventurer – saying his life is his art. Doyle has suggested he acts as a ghost writer for several travel & adventure writers.


Player supposition

  1. some of the players are convinced he’s reflected in Icelandic & Norse sagas of the 14th century
  1. he seems to be one of the few people Freya Talks to & respects out of the tremere.
  1. there was that weird thing on the cliff edge when Malcolm was ‘fixed’ suggesting he ‘looked’ like a Viking

Tex Geddes

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