"'And if death does take me, send the hammered/ Mail of my armor to Higlac, return/ The inheritance I had from Hrethel, and he/ From Wayland. Fate will unwind as it must!'"


Virtually nothing is known about Silas. He operated within New England during the period of Sabbat occupation, and fought bravely during the re-conquest. He was appointed to the Primogen by the Prince before Balin for his service in that campaign. He remained neutral when the former Prince turned on Balin, and is rumoured to be the swing vote on the Primogen who allowed Balin to take over.

He has sat on the Primogen ever since, but seems rarely to intervene. As far as anyone knows he is the only Nosferatu in Boston. He has never created a childe in the last few years, despite having the right to do so.

Of course, being an enigma is what Nosferatu do best. Everyone suspects that there are far more Nosferatu in the area than has been admitted to. There appear to be two things Silas is passionate about. The progress of the Boston Red Sox, and the brewing of beer (which he can drink).

Silas operates from a basement bar &; micro-brewer called the Blue Stocking Mariner between the docks and Fenway park. The crowd inside are mainly dockers and all are Red Sox fanatics. To say its a rough bar if you mention Babe Ruth or the Yankees is an understatement. Failing that you will also be able to find Silas at most Red Sox night matches.

Oddly enough, a Red Sox game is one of the very few reasons that Balin will reschedule a court for.



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