Samuel Prescott

I am a man by a river gazing up. Look how the stars quiver


For a man that took part in some of the most famous events of the American Revolution, Prescott is an enigma. The fact he has a tendency to talk in riddles, confusing tenses and seemingly delivering gnomic utterances of great import doesn’t help. Some kindred in the city suspect he’s played the part of Merlin to Balin for so long, that Prescott has begun to share in the madness.

Dr Samuel Prescott, was born in Concord, and leaving a lady friend’s home at 1am entered into history as the third member of the ‘Midnight Ride’ that warned the Colonial militia that the “English Regulars were coming”. Mortal history quickly loses track of him after he completes his ride, with speculation that he may have served in the Continental Army as a surgeon, or possibly even as a privateer. Given such an ‘interesting’ background, later prudish Americans saw fit to airbrush him from the tale.

This has made some kindred question if Prescott was already a Kindred at the time of the ride. The fact he was one of the few riders to reach his eventual destination, his skill at riding at night and his absence in the historical record, suggesting he may not have been mortal at the time. This isn’t helped by the fact that Prescott’s kindred past is even more obscure than his mortal one. Whilst the Tremere acknowledge him as one of their own, he never appears to have been a member of any major chantry. He simply appeared as Wymer’s childe, and alongside Balin playing a key role in the Camarilla retaking the city. Prescott demonstrated strong strategic skills, and an ability to predict the outcome of events that was uncanny even to those used to the powers of Auspex.

Other Kindred mutter darkly of his influence on the Prince, suggesting Prescott’s masks his own agenda behind cryptic mutterings and prophecies, playing on the Prince’s madness. Most vocal among these is the Tremere Primogen John Flood who seems to have developed a mutual apathy with Prescott. Other kindred keep their council, suspecting a Tremere plot to ensure they control the city, no matter what.


Samuel Prescott

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