And am I answerable that thoughtless and unprincipled men exist, whose shades of countenance may resemble mine?


Pocumtuc is a genuinely miserable son-of-a-bitch. If someone pointed out that the Native Americans now have a a longer-life expectancy due to medical drugs, he’d point out that they can’t afforard them and now get to die in a lot more nasty ways….

No-one is sure of his true age, or even if Pocumtuc is actually his real name. Older kindred vaguely remember him as a wandering gangrel around the turn of the century, someone who never settled down anywhere. But Kindred have long memories, and for the higher clans, one Gangrel is much like another.

What is clear is that he became involved, marginally, in the recovery of Boston. He has acted, grudgingly and rarely, as a go-between with Garou on the Rhode Island reservation. He is not known to have sired any kindred, or to show any interest in Kindred politics.

All of this tends to raise the question why he is remaining in this area?


Player supposition

Tessa’s guess as sabbat spy


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