Michael Quincy-Adams

Everywhere men yearn to be misled by magicians


Descended from a long line of colonial governors, founding fathers, state governors and Presidents.

Michael preferred to avoid the limelight, he operated the family investments, including the Brewery, railroad and newspaper businesses. His brothers and cousins continued to ‘serve’ the public, whilst he operated their machine from the shadows.

His principal ability was the control of information. He was a master of timing the release of data for maximum impact.

Ironically it was this skill that cost him his life. He was working as an intelligencer for his cousin, a brigadier-general in the Union army, when he was shot by a Confederate sniper. At that stage Winthrop, a distant relative, offered him the chance to live, which he took.

Silas is rumoured to consider the young ventrues information network to be second only to his own in Boston. At least since the demise of Gaveston.

In person Michael is quiet and polite, the perfect example of a Boston Brahmin who undertakes entry to business & politics due to family duty.


Michael Quincy-Adams

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