Men che dramma, do Sanger m'e rimaso chef non tremi: conosco I segni de l'antica fiamma


A 17th century street brawler, knight of St john, probably bi-sexual, painter of fresco, patronised by Cardinals and Popes and patron of prostitutes – oh and quiet possibly the inventor of modern art. Michaelangelo Merisi Caravaggio.

There are a few things to note with him:

  1. He’s been taking great pleasure in knocking out ‘in the style of/ school of’ Caravaggio’s for years. He finds it an immense irony that rich owners pass the paintings back and forth for a fraction of their true value. He still frequently presents works to the church, normally for free and takes pleasure in ‘mentoring’ young artists.
  1. He is immensely proud, and almost as quick as a Brujah to anger. His temper has caused him to ‘leave’ several courts. However most are surprised to find out the dandy fop is a brutally effective streetfighter.
  1. Any children of his are normally gifted an item of italian fine craftsmanship, appropriate to their skill. So a poet would be gifted an inkwell, a musician a Stradivarius, he has often gifted artists with one of his own canvasses.
  1. He is known for binging to excess, occaisonally forgetting that mortals are far more fragile. More than one of the artists he mentors have burnt out and been destroyed by alcohol, drugs or simply in a street fight.
  1. He is also known to maintain the trappings of his faith, still fighting with the sword gifted to him by the Colonna family, keeping crosses around himself.
  1. He owns a trendy goth club referred to as the Cathedral.

Player supposition
I’m guessing the groups preferred leader of the toreador & possible prince?


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