Marcus Hardcastle

the sun to me is dark and silent as the moon


A highly talented, if poor, woodworker, Hardcastle hoped for little more than to be a Cabinet-Maker and to earn the money to buy his own entrance to the Trade and marry his Master’s daughter Joy.

He knew his master was ripping him off, only sending a fraction of the fraction his work was earning towards his funds but he laboured happy.

The Lady Arabella intervened. Who knows why. She arrived one night, dropped him the cash to achieve all and asked that he produce work solely for her.

In time she made him her ghoul, giving him the energy to produce more. He became successful, with a growing family.

Seized from his prior life , he laboured day and night to produce works of genius. The ‘Boston Maker’a’ pieces are sought after to this day.

He was happy, Joy was happy, things were good. Then Arabella grew hungry, drained him one night. In remorse, as she stood over his most recent piece, she made him kindred.

Shame she didn’t mention the hunger. He destroyed his family that night, never made another piece.

Angry at his new clan, and humiliated by being called ‘tradesman’ he sought vengeance. Discovered he had a keen ability to turn others emotions, and to find those who could sense the next talent.

He swore he wouldn’t be like his sire, swore he wouldn’t make those he brought in idolise him, swore he’d never do what happened to Joy again.

And he managed, at first he managed.

Then over the century it became more common, dropped from once in twenty, to once in ten…

Then he started to make his protégés love him, honour no one other than him….


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Marcus Hardcastle

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