Not all those that wander are lost


Doc was an unlucky one, called up for service in WW2, he had finally completed medical school just in time to be drafted up for Korea. He was a good & competent surgeon, although not necessarily the best. He found some solace in the writings of John Muir, Thoreau and Robert Service.

On returning to the States he found he couldn’t stay long in any one location. He drifted from small town to small town in Washington State, California, Oregon and Alaska. He traded his medical services for passage & board moving on before he developed any serious responsibility. When based in an area for a while he preferred beaten up pick-ups and motorcycles.

It was trying to deal with the 1957 flu outbreak in an isolated Alaskan town that caused this life to end. He fell ill himself, and a gangrel desperate to save his family embraced the doctor to keep them and the townsfolk alive. Doc developed a ‘flu jab’ (in reality small doses of vampire vitae) that enabled the town to survive.

He then left the town, realising it lacked enough mortals to feed two kindred. He travels around the Great Lakes and New England, acting as a messenger for the Camarilla. He seems to have good rapport with the garou – and as a gangrel is reasonably capable at dealing with the sabbat. He also seems to lack any overt animal features.



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