Joshua Sebag



Joshua is from a middle-class New York family. He qualified high in his class at Columbia and started in Corporate law for a prominent Boston legal firm.

He left the firm about ten years ago, opening a private practice with a discrete client list, essentially providing in house council to a few wealthy trusts and clients.

If pressed on why he gave up a promising career, he will admit it was was a doomed attempt to save his marriage which didn’t work.

He seems absent minded at times, preoccupied in thought. This is slightly at odds with his ordered approach to buisness. He is otherwise urbane, cosmopolitan and cultured.

He is well off, with no especial desire to accumulate more wealth. He leads a ‘Frasier Crane’ style existence, owning a townhouse in Concord, travelling to galleries/ opera and engaging in fine dining. None of this would be out of his ‘comfort zone’ if checking against declared income.


Gm notes

1. The memory of the ex-wife is only partly true. He left the practice due to dominate/ presence. His wife couldn’t understand why & left him.

2. Tobias’ holding companies are still paying his retainer, as he is still managing the investments as a ‘dead hand’

3. The absent minded thing comes from the dominate – he struggles against it sometimes as his lawyer’s mind notices inconsistencies & gaps. It has been happening more often recently – probably the consequence of Tobias donibate weakening with his death.

4. He’s acquiring the companies in line with a commission. This was Tobias security over a future sabbat incursion. He’s faithfully following the instruction to acquire companies unlikely to draw kindred attention and remitting funds back to a corporation.

Joshua Sebag

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