Guido Fawkes

a desperate disease requires a desperate remedy


Fake ID

Spanish, flamboyant and daring. His magick tends to combat skills, perhaps as befits one embraced following the Spanish Civil War.

His background in the civil war was murky and unusually linked to the Anarchists – although he was respected by the forces of the right.

Real ID

Guido was embraced & spirted from the tower by the Brujah Thomas Muntzer. He found out his entire lifes work was simply a minor plot by the Tremere and the Venture to take control over Britain. He took this badly, but unlike other Brujah his was a slow burn.

He crossed swords with Flood in Edinburgh, one of his first attempts at infiltrating the Tremere. When this failed he fled to Europe, participating in a number of bloodhunts. Its uncertain, but his travels may have caused him to cross paths with Uncle M. It is certain that by the time of late 18th century that he had become highly proficient in Thaumaturgy, legitimately killed a high number of Tremere in blood hunts )including the childe of the Tremere Justicar in Berlin), and drawn the ire of several French chantries by exsposing and destroying their hold over the Kine in the universities and monasteries.

However his first & most daring attack was to come in the height of the terror. He utilised his influence over a minor group of shopkeepers from Brittany that met in a former monastery. By slipping blood to key members of this group, including a lawyer from Arras, they rose to dominate the proceedings in the Assembly. In a few short months they elimininated almost all non-brujah plants in Paris. In the terror that followed many notables died by guillotine in the evening….

He may however have slightly over-estimated the plan (or was somene elses pawn). He was forced to flee from his own mob – and went to ground. Shortly afterwards the Camarilla inner council granted two petitions from the Toreador Justicar and Tremere Justicars. The first was to prohibit any kindred from directly controlling the heads of state, as defined by the inner council without their express permission. The second was to add Fawkes onto the Red List. Of course when the main hunters of the red list are assamites, and your main targets are tremere its a mazing how long you can last….


Player supposition

Aside from the fact is was in the Spamish wars… does he smell of elderberries?

Interesting he has turned up now and asking for a kine to settle in Concord. Yes, according to Auspex he was geniune in his care and respect for the human but this also allows him to observe us whilst she is living here. Clan Tremere watching perhaps?

Guido Fawkes

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