James Kingston

Every night I burn, every night I fall again


Robert Duncan was one of the Bay poets in life, he was embraced by his lover, the Tremere Regent of Phoenix, James Hiscox. He seemed to be happy with his new life, dabbling in magic and writing poetry.

That was until Lambe, Gwendolyn Ashbridge sire and Prince of Phoenix, took a brutal turn and turned Hiscox into a candle as minor infraction against the Traditions. He’s been unable to write any poetry since.

From then Kingston, taking a new name, drunkenly staggered through the courts of America. He became focussed on learning the power to call down flame, all the better to take his vengeance. When Johannes Van Den Berg was looking to find others to help him retake Providence he recruited Kingston from Chicago. A Crow at the King’s Gate

Kingston has been friendly towards the group – at least until he extracted from Gwendolyn her boon to assist him in destroying her sire in return for saving Jarvis Lederer from the Sabbat.


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James Kingston

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