Dead - Thomas Giles Corey

your the adventurous sort, I should at least warn you that your marching straight into hell


GM confirmed background

Thomas Corey was a Captain of Foot in the East India Company under Clive. He served two masters, the EIC during the day, and the Tremere by night.

The Raj did not work out well for him, an abilty to communicate with the dead went beserk in India, causing him to be known as ‘mad for Carew’ following one notable outbreak after the death of a friend. It also didn’t help that he came across an Assamite hiding behind the Thugee cult. Along with the Tremere, he violated the temple, banishing the ghosts bound to service there, but at the cost of his life.

Corey happily travelled back to the home chantry in London, where he remained until he was despatched to Boston to replenish their ranks.

Corey is openly intolerant of Assamites, and seems to have a general issue with Sub-continent and its inhabitants. He speaks with a slightly coarse cockney accent.

Killed in Guido Fawkes attack on the tremere chantry during Alfarez


Player Suppositions

Dead - Thomas Giles Corey

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