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Born in Texas on March 6 1836, Gaveston was raised to be a Texian patriot in a strict Baptist family. His family boasted of their service at the Alamo and in the wars of independence from Mexico. Wealthy, his family could afford the best scholars and dispatched him to Harvard in 1854. Unfortunately, let away from his strict parents, Gaveston decided to ‘live a little’. Tragically, that living a little involved amateur dramatics. Dropping out of Harvard, without telling his parents, he lived on their trust fund, and working in a touring theatre company. A bad touring theatre company.

This did have one small benefit, he came into the orbit of Thoreau and other abolitionists. Whilst he was an abysmal actor, he was a highly valuable conductor on the Underground Railroad. Being southern assisted in his escapes, and he gained a wide knowledge of the routes through Virginia to the North. He also discovered a natural talent for this kind of work, and the excitement of chases played up to his sense of the dramatic.

With the coming of the Civil War, he enlisted in the fledgling Union Intelligence Service under Pinkerton, operating from behind enemy lines for most of the war. Keeping his cover as an actor, and blaming his non-service on being near blind (the glasses are in fact an affectation) he operated out of Richmond and Charleston for much of the war. It was here that his luck ran out, whilst trying to obtain plans at a soiree, he was cornered by a Southern Toreador who had guessed where his true loyalties lay. She embraced him, hoping to use him as a double agent, a serious error. Gaveston destroyed his sire, completed his mission and then ‘died’ of his wounds. He returned slowly back north, eventually acting as an archon for the Toreador Justicar.

It was in this capacity that he fell into the orbit of Prince Balin. The charismatic Malkavian was spearheading the Camarilla campaigns to retake large sections of New England and Gaveston acted as his Chief spymaster. When Balin decided to take control of Boston, he provided the information for Balin to devise the strategy and Ames to provide the tactical skills to remove the incumbent.

Gaveston tends to be thoughtful, playing up the flouncy haired, academic personna to the max. He has a slight Southern accent – more Virginian than Texian these days. It remains to be seen just how driven and committed he is to the new regime.

He has an uncertain relationship with Johannes Van Den Berg, exacerbated by Balin’s treatment of Johannes and Eleanor Van den Berg in Balin’s Quest and a historic issue over Julia Ward Howe (see A Rose for Emily)

This culminated in a duel between Johannes & Gaveston, which the latter lost. All Souls Day



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