Father Durranti

Only without the sword can the Christian wage war: the Lord has abolished the sword.


Father Durranti is the Parish Priest at St. Peter And St. Paul’s in Gloucester. He transferred to this church, from more senior duties in Central Boston. The transfer was at this request, when he suffered a health scare some five years ago.

His parishioners remember him fondly as a good, but stern man. He is articulate, commanding and learned – and at least during his tenure in Boston Imam Fasil suggested he had been relatively ecumenical and seeking to build bridges across faiths.

Since moving to Gloucester he seems to have, along with other minister’s in the area, hardened his position to other faiths. Ally Ross suggested he may have been behind a series of issues affecting the Mosque in recent months. It was also suggested he had strong ties to Boston councilmen and Harvard alumni in the area.


PLayer Supposition

He is the leader of the silver dawn ‘the ipsissimus’ or the isthmus as JvB called him.

Father Durranti

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