Dr. John Mankiller

The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves


Mankiller has proven friendly (or at least not hostile) to the group. He seems considerably calmer than either Prof. Michael Fallon, who he is a friend of, and Domnhail Tremayne who he seems to have some sympathy for.

They came across Mankiller at The Ceileidh Place, whilst investigating the circumstances of the Failloeach. He knows that Gwendolyn was given blood by Fallon following that battle.

He seems to have a slightly askance view on the world, and has in the past owed a favour to Johannes Van Den Berg which was repaid during Psalm 137

He also seemed surprised that Concord hadn’t been in touch to honour the agreement for access to the lake in The Soul Eater and seemed to lead in the ritual that created the cairn.

He was instrumental in arranging for Eleanor Van den Berg and Ralph Tranter to travel to the Shadowlands to rescue the others during To live deliberately


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Dr. John Mankiller

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