Domnhail Tremayne

"I have seen other augery"


GM Confirmation

Little is known about Tremayne. He was first encountered at the time of Failloeach when he tried to summon an army through a portal. At the point he was linked to Madeline Normand but it is unclear how strong this bond was.

He has a link to Gwendolyn Ashbridge and Prof. Michael Fallon. If Gwedolyn’s visions are correct they were bound together by Samuel Prescott at some time in Pre-roman Scotland. They have been reunited at least once before during Gwendolyn’s mortal life. They would appear to have some form of link to the Garou. ( Chapters Two – Three )

It would also seem that Tremayne was a leader within the garou, friend to both Fallon and Dr. John Mankiller before something caused him to break ranks with them and ally himself with the sabbat. ( The Land of the Setting Sun )

The group met him at Buddha on A Bike – where Malcolm Langrishe read into his aura and went mad and the group were banished from that place by Shunsuku ‘Scott’ Kerr. See ( Chapter Eight )


Player Supposition

Domnhail Tremayne

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