Declan Tyrone

We are respecting our parents' wishes....They didn't want to shelter us from the world's treacheries. They wanted us to survive them.


GM confirmed background

Declan was born in Ireland, his family moving to Boston following a land dispute. His father and elder brothers barely got off the boat before a rifle was put in their hand and they marched off to join the Great Army of the Union, Bull Run, Shiloh and Gettysburg ensured they wouldn’t march back.

His mother did the best she could, at least until Cholera took her in the outbreak of 1866. The young Declan found himself attached to the gangs in the streets of Boston. Surviving by his wits, by fortune he picked the pocket of a Mage, Vito Archelone. Instead of turning him into the police, the mage adopted Tyrone, recognising something in him that others had missed. The boy received an excellent education, attending Notre Dame University where he formed part of the Football team that earned the nickname ‘The Fighting Irish’.

He qualified as a lawyer, mainly as he ws forced to study following a serious injury that left him with a slight limp for the rest of his life. He became involved in the Union movement, seeking to fight for the rights of the poor and downtrodden. Sucessful, perhaps to sucessful, he was run down leaving a Teamster meeting in the Pennsylvania coal yards. Vito, heartbroken, called in a favour from John Flood, and had his ward turned into a kindred.

Tyrone’s skill in Thaumaturgy is uncertain, he is however acknowledged as a Kindred scholar of some note. He has never sought to take a Regency of his own, and speculation exists that he has been disgraced somehow in the eyes of his clan or sire.

Tyrone also has links to the Prince as the legal council for the Dolorous Foundation. He maintains an interest in civil rights, having supported and influenced a number of these caused over the decades.

He is also noted as the only Tremere not to show concern at the arrival of an Assamite at court.

It is unclear if he will recover from the spiritual attack suffered during The Sicilian Dragon


Player Suspitions

Declan Tyrone

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